The Holistic Beauty Experience


Thursday May 30th, 2019
Retreat: 9:00am - 5:00pm
Showcase Experience: 2:00pm - 8:00pm
Beach United
140 Wineva Ave, Toronto, ON

The Brands

Retreat Day Schedule

Corrina Choe


Experience: Spirit Medicine Vision Ceremony

9:45am - 10:15am

Lay back and relax go into a deep relaxation as I cleanse your energy field which is the most ignored place when we cleanse. Allow yourself to be cleansed by a vocal sound bath and learn how to use chi to bathe yourself everyday. Allow me to take you on a journey ceremony where you remember all that are and how powerful you are. May this ceremony invoke the parts of you that have been repressed and hidden away, may it awaken the light within you.

Kelly Swartz - Founder and CEO of Awoken Beauty


Workshop: Rediscovering Sex - Awakening the Erotic Self

10:30am - 11:00am

Who defined your sex life? Who told you what to expect and how it should be? Does sex come within your or is it all external? Did you know that intimacy comes at different levels?

Come to this workshop and find out how to improve your sex life, what kind of intimacy you should be looking for in order to have a healthy sexual experience, and what your largest sex organ is. 

Erotic Expert and Health Coach Kelly Swartz has been working in the areas of sexuality and expression for more than a decade. A published author and graduate of the Institute of Integrative Nutrition’s program in Holistic Health Coaching, she holds a Master’s degree and is a PhD Candidate (ABD) in Erotic Literature. She is a frequent guest at conferences and has appeared on television, radio, videos, podcasts and other media on topics ranging from self-intimacy and self-seduction to erotic literature and pornography. Kelly is originally from Mexico City and lives in Toronto, where she gives regular workshops and is available for coaching to clients around the world.

Michelle Peña - Building Emotional Resiliency


People are naturally resilient…we are wired to move through difficult times. But the way we do that impacts the quality of our lives. Our ability to adapt to stressful situations, challenges or setbacks, comes down to two things: our thought patterns and emotions. The way we think (mindset) and the way we feel (emotions) are the driving forces behind the choices we make in life.
In this talk you will learn what emotional resiliency is and why it’s important, you will be introduced to what Michelle calls The Feeling Process to help better understand how we are wired to respond to
events in our life. We’ll talk about how your mindset and the beliefs you hold directly impact your happiness and look at how “negative” emotions are the key to true transformation. You will walk away
with a tip or two you can apply in your life immediately to start building emotional resiliency.

Michelle Peña brings with her the experience of a 15+ year career in social work and psychology where she is recognized for her work in helping children, youth and adults cope with stress, heal emotional pain, gain clarity, let go of fear, develop a healthy self-image and find greater peace.   She uses spirituality, positive psychology, mindfulness, hypnotherapy and energy healing techniques to help others facilitate massive changes and transformations in their lives. Specializing in self-love, inner child work, and emotional resiliency, she helps her clients create lasting change. Overcoming the emotional repercussions from years of listening to her own inner limiting stories, Michelle fought her way back to herself, committing to greater self-love, greater self-acceptance, and greater self-awareness. She now guides and teaches others who are on a similar journey to return to their inner truth. She has written for MindBodyGreen, She Does the City and TinyBuddha and will be releasing her new book Awaken the B.E.A.U.T.Y Within this Spring. You can connect with Michelle on social media @livtruwithmichellepena

The Workshops

Intuitive Tarot: Intro to Tarot and the Practical Skills you use DAILY.

Facilitator: Liz Worth



What is tarot, anyway? In this one-hour discussion, tarot reader Liz Worth will introduce you to a powerful deck of cards that can help you meditate, focus, and align your energies. Learn how tarot can become part of your everyday life by using it as an act of self-care and intuitive exploration. 

About the facilitator; Liz Worth:

Liz Worth is a Toronto-based astrologer, tarot reader, and author. She uses tarot and astrology to help people find clarity, guidance, and purpose. Liz regularly offers workshops and seminars about tarot, astrology, and ritual, believing that these are tools everyone can learn and benefit from. Learn more about her work at


Awaken the Healer

Facilitator: Corrina Choe


This workshop is a full sensory experience. It will begin with Shamanic Breathing to take you into a deep state of relaxation allowing yourself to receive the healing your soul brought you here to receive. We start with cleansing the collective energy fields, and then I will guide you through the medicine visions that I receive for the collective group. There you will meet your Spirit Guide Healers.

During the journey I will be guided into your attunement to receiving the Healers Rite.  Sage, drumming and Flower water will accompany during our journey.


The first rite is the Healers Rite, which connects you to a lineage of shaman and Earthkeepers from the past who come and assist you in your personal healing. These luminous beings work on us during our meditation and sleep time to heal the wounds of the past and of your ancestors.  The energy of this rite also awakens your ability to assist others in their own healing.  This rite also assists you to shift old behavior patterns that you may have inherited from your parents or grandparents or even past lives.

We end in Sacred Body Trance Movement integrating the healing and the attunement fully. Your eyes will be closed, and you will be provided with a eye mask to fully experience how your body and soul want to dance together. 


Spiritual homework will be provided as a practice to continue to strengthen your healer’s rite.  You will learn a mini fire ritual and receive a bath tea ritual to continue cleansing your luminous field.

7 Key areas of Life that help us live a holistic balanced life.

Facilitator: Aanchal Vash


This will entail deciding where you are first. And then deciding where do you want to be.  We will help provide you with tools to activate the Reticular Activating System, so you can achieve more of what brings you joy.

The Self Care Stations

Sabrina Tosi-Creet, Bio-Energy Practitioner and Trainer

30 minute Bio Energy Session

Bio-Energy Treatments are a gentle, natural, non-invasive form of healing that works to remove blockages from the body’s major energy centers.



Corrina Choe, Modern Day Shamaness

30 minute Spirit Vision Quest

Spirit visions are divine channeled visions to guide you towards your highest destiny, to heal the wounds of the past and to help you rebirth into the life of your dreams.  Once your spirit vision quest is received we will work together during the session to clear the past, awaken the new imprints of your luminous field, heal your destiny and attune to your souls calling through ceremony, practice and vision mapping.


In the time we have together I will provide what your Spirit wants to share with you.




Lisa Carnwith, BA Psych, Master Hypnotherapist

30 minute Mindful Session


Lisa is a neural-plastician (a totally made-up) term which means she can help you change neural pathways in the brain.  She will borrow your hand for a couple of minutes to show you how your unconscious mind works easily to make new connections.  These ideo-motor signals tell us when the brain is working toward finding a solution and when that connection is complete.  All you have to do is think of something you already do and would like to do better.  Curiosity and amusement are inevitable! 

Linda, Certified Health Coach, Yoga Instructor

20 minute Soul Session - Lifestyle / Health Breakthrough


A certified health coach, and passionate empath, she is the CEO of and can be found on Instagram @thefitty. She has been practicing yoga/pilates for 10 years and loves spreading the joy of wellness in the body, mind and soul. She coaches women to step into their highest, most vibrational selves by reigniting their big hearts to lead with love instead of fear, to truly show up as their brightest, most elevated selves in their career, relationships, and towards themselves. She offers workshops on manifestation, yoga/fitness, and private-semi/private yoga and meditation sessions with clients.


"I believe that you don't have to be surviving, but instead THRIVING in  your life!"




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