“I believe true beauty is not one of vanity; it is more than skin deep. I am beautiful naturally. I open body, spirit and mind to further loving myself. I am not here to judge others. I am here to be inspired and to inspire others with self love”
The Holistic Beauty Expo brings together a community of Canadian Holistic brands, skin care formulators, self-care professionals, self-love experts, key speakers and general holistic beauty lovers under the same roof to build our very own Holistic Beauty Community. It is self-love focused eliminating vanity and judgement. We will be teaching and inspiring each beautiful being in attendance how to take care of themselves, nourish themselves, and to further love and appreciate who they are.

Our goal is to empower, uplift, educate, inspire and support each beautiful being with a stronger sense of self-love than before they entered. With a love for sustainability, education and genuine interaction we plan to keep this event and all events in the future as sustainable as possible by planning ahead and eliminating as much unnecessary waste.
HBE and Sustainability:
The HBE finds great value in sustainability, and will be maintained through keeping the event simple and clean: employing a reduction of signage, cutting unnecessary waste, and conserving energy through the elimination of unnecessary lighting.
Eliminate waste of paper by producing a digital, downloadable e-swag that containing all coupons, specials etc (launching Vancouver 2018). Additionally, all tickets to the event are paperless; attendees will enter the event through the recognition of their name on the guest list.

Our vision is to expand the Holistic Beauty Expo, creating a Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal edition. The Toronto edition will be our flagship event, the largest and longest event, with a focus on inspiring all Canadian cities to come together once a year to celebrate, collaborate, and grow together. We plan to cultivate this event to grow into a multi-day expo, offering not only a trade show space for our beautiful vendors of indie brands, but also to provide master classes, workshops, and breakout sessions for industry professionals and general public alike.

Here at the Holistic Beauty Expo, our goal is to build a community comprised of industry professionals and those in the general public that are passionate about holistic care. We do not intend to focus on selling products and ideas, nor do we believe in excessive marketing presentations. We believe in personal discussions, authentic support, and total engagement. Our experts are not here to sell, rather, they are here to share their experiences and guide attendees on their own journeys. In addition to our brands and expert speakers, a series of workshops guided by a holistic wellness coach will allow for genuine interaction, encouraging and open dialogue.
Lastly, to achieve more genuine interaction and create experiences with our attendees I have created Self Care stations and our Signature Walking Facial experience.
Self Care Station & The Walking Facial
Practice what you preach- we find great importance in this. This expo will include- but will not revolve around the sale of skincare products. In addition to our vendors selling their skincare products, the expo will include self-care and self-love stations, free of charge. Self-care and self- love should not be considered a luxury- therefore, we aim to inspire well-being and creating these journeys for our attendees. Our self-care stations in the past have offered such services as:

-Relaxing Facial Massages

-Silk Brush Lymphatic Drainage Massage

-Skin care consultation with micro current lifting or facial massage

-Bellanina facelift massage


We have scoured the city in search of the best holistic estheticians to treat you to some straight up relaxing self care because you deserve it.
First come first serve basis. Sign up sheet will be available at the station.

1) Being that we are about skincare, self-care, and self-love, we want attendees to experience such immediately, through the ability to try our brands’ products at the event.

2) We want attendees to experience a new sense of self-care and self-love at the event itself; not just through implementation into their daily routines. The walking facial will offer a variety of products that are created with healthy ingredients and encourages attendees to remain in their natural, makeup-free state.

3) We believe that the best way to become familiar with a brand and product is to truly experience it and learn from the formulator, as opposed to feeling or smelling the product on a small portion of your hand.

Email: Connect@theholisticbeautyexperience.com


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