Vancouver- January 26th  2018

Vancouver is our SPEAK event.


While all HBE events entail an education component showcasing speakers as well as interaction component showcasing awesome brands- each of our events, like their city, has their very own personality.


And for Vancouver its personality is more heavily focused on education, so our speaker stage is stacked with the best of the best for you to learn what Holistic Beauty truly means.


Jordan Bruce-Live Blood Analyst

Ivania Yep- Bio Energy Practitioner

Melissa Nkomo- Formulator of Kunye Complexion Co.

Sisley Killam- Registered Holistic Nutritionist and Health & Wellness Blogger of The Pure Life


Self Care Station

Nicole Longstaff- Cosmetic Acupuncture and LED Facial Treatments

Ivania Yep- Bio Energy Treatments




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